Wednesday, March 21, 1990 was the day that seven creative and talented men started a brotherhood for dancing known as United For Unity.  These seven men all of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had a vision of obtaining unity among all mankind.  Germaine Jacobs, Marlon Freeman, Walter L. Harrison, Arthur Brown, Kenyon Johnson, Chedrick Golphin, and Earl Jones wanted to attain a unique fraternity that would be service driven in the community.  Southern University was the first chapter established in Baton Rouge.  The name was constitutionally changed from U Phi U to official Greek letters Upsilon Phi Upsilon in the spring of 1995. Then, becoming incorpoarated on MAy 1, 2001 in the state of Louisiana.  Because of a decision made by the founders earlier in the fraternity's existence, refraining them from joining any national council, we now have active members in Upsilon Phi Upsilon that are also members of the NPHC, NAIFC, and other prestigious organizations.  Unity.... that is what we are striving for as well as living by the highest ethical standards and rendering unselfish service to make a better community we live in.

Germaine Jacobs

Marlon Freeman

Dr. Walter L. Harrison II

Arthur Brown

Kenyon Johnson

Chedrick Golphin

Earl Jones


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