What is Upsilon Phi Upsilon? 
Upsilon Phi Upsilon Fraternity Inc. is a social & service oriented brotherhood founded on Wednesday March 21, 1990 at Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, LA.  Incorporated on Thursday, May 31, 2001
What is the purpose of Upsilon Phi Upsilon? 
The specific purpose of this organization shall be to give each member a means of expressing their talents, provide services to the community, and give an outlook on life as we are living day to day.
How can I become a Brother of Upsilon Phi Upsilon?

In order to become a member of Upsilon Phi Upsilon, a young man must:
     - Have a 2.5 Grade Point Average
- Be at least a Second Semester/Quarter Freshman

     - Have at minimum 15 credit hours at the University where you are seeking        Membership
     - Undergo an application and interview process
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